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Twitching to Stream

2016-11-18 13:10:14 by GarethEvansAnimation

I made a new cartoon called "Update: Twitching to Stream" if you can guess by the title it's about the streaming site Twitch.


Twitch Channel:

I'm not posting it to Newgrounds because it's more of an update video and I rather post actual cartoon content here. (even though the video itself has a lot of animated segments).

Anyway I'm going to focus working on a bunch of animated projects, which I will upload here.

Animation Demo Reel 2016

2016-06-25 15:00:55 by GarethEvansAnimation

I've made a demo reel of my animation work check it out in the link above.

I've uploaded an Animatic of my recent (non Newgrounds) video to Youtube.

Check it out here:


It begins

2016-05-02 19:19:23 by GarethEvansAnimation

So I finally made a Newgrounds account which I've been meaning to do for a while now.

I've been making cartoons and uploading them only on Youtube which barely gets seen due to their system yet I've been recommended by friends in the past to join Newgrounds which would be a great place to show my animations and artwork.


So my first submission to newgrounds is a Super Mario cartoon I made back in December 2015 called The Skinny Mushroom.  (


Also recently I made a short update/cartoon about joining Newgrounds which I won't upload to the site due to being mostly an update video. So you can check it out below.


I am looking forward to making more cartoons but right now I'm slowly learning to rig puppet/cut-out characters in Toon Boom Harmony for upcoming cartoons.